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New Set Pics From Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel released these this morning, and they're kind of fun.

Is this the first glimpse we've had of Georges St-Pierre as Batroc? Not a bad look, and an obvious solution: don't actually call him the leaper and take off that mask. As a real world villain, I'm for it.

And yes, apparently test audiences are so into this movie that Marvel is moving forward with plans for Captain America 3 already -- but I also kind of thought the casting of Thomas Kretschmann as Baron Von Strucker for Avengers: Age of Ultron heralded that anyway.
Behind the magic...

Director Joe Russo putting Chris Evans in his place -- for the third movie!

Batroc using savate on Cap...

Chris Evans reflecting...

I dig the Super-Soldier outfit...

Derek McCaw

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