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First Trailer For Disney/Marvel Animated Film:
Big Hero 6

We've known it's coming for a long time -- taking a Marvel property and turning it into a Disney animated film. And when you look at the stable of Marvel characters -- those not slated for live action -- Big Hero 6 is only rivaled by Power Pack as a no-brainer for animated feature status.

They've barely interacted with the mainstream Marvel Universe, though originally introduced as associated with the Japanese X-Man Sunfire. They're kid-friendly without being patronizing, and they just look fun. So this first trailer focuses on the teenage inventor (and ostensible protagonist) Hiro and his robot invention/protector Baymax.

They're a little different from the comic, but still... the trailer says February 2015, because this is from the UK. The US will get it in November 2014, following the successful global release pattern of Frozen... because studios are a superstitious and... wrong superhero.

Derek McCaw


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