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The Bat-Family Misfits Get Action Figures!

The only way to get a Bat-Mite action figure...

Striking terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere and accessorizing nicely, the dynamic duette are hitting stores in August!

But much better, they're bringing their dog and their imp with them.

Scheduled to be in stores on August 11, 2004, the Batwoman and Batgirl boxed set from DC Direct comes as part of the company's Silver Age collection.

Though Batman denies it now, he often blended into the shadows alongside the orange-and-red circus artist who claimed to fight crime just as well as men could. And sure, everybody talks about which Batgirl was better, Cassandra or Barbara Gordon. They all forget about Betty Kane, the plucky high-schooler who donned a ridiculous mask and green cape in order to get close to Robin, himself going through kind of a pudgy stage.

In addition to utility purses, these action figures come with the greatest accessories of them all: Bat-Mite and Ace The Bat-Hound.

You know, if The Huntress ever finds out that Batman let these people fight crime, she's going to be even more ticked than she usually is.

Derek McCaw

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