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Across The DC Universe with Alan Moore

Yes, it's a mind-sucking parasite story. But it's also the best mind-sucking parasite story ever told.

For a variety of reasons, largely kept to himself but speculated upon wildly, Alan Moore refuses to work for DC ever again.

(Yes, technically, DC publishes America's Best Comics, but that's done through the intermediary of Wildstorm.)

Though they can't get anything new out of him, DC has plenty of old stuff, because in the mid-'80's, Moore was quite happy to frolic in their playground.

Anyone with a sense of comic book history is at least vaguely familiar with Moore's ground-breaking work on Swamp Thing. So ground-breaking and popular with fans was it that when the Crisis rolled around, DC gave Moore the last word on Superman before John Byrne relaunched the character.

The resulting story, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? , managed to make a relaunch almost irrelevant, breathing new life into the silver age Superman that editors thought had grown too complicated. And indeed, most of the elements of that take on Superman have snuck their way back into continuity.

But there's more -- and DC wants to tell you about it.

Some of Alan Moore's earliest writing for DC Comics will be collected this June in the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: THE DC UNIVERSE STORIES OF ALAN MOORE TP. This 208-page collection includes stories drawn by some of Moore's best-known collaborators and starring some of DC's greatest heroes.

The line-up of stories for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE includes

  • "For the Man Who Has Everything" from SUPERMAN ANNUAL #11 with art by Dave Gibbons (also reprinted in The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told , and rightfully so)
  • "The Jungle Line"(featuring Superman and Swamp Thing) from DC COMICS PRESENTS #85 with art by Rick Veitch & Al Williamson
  • "Mortal Clay" from BATMAN ANNUAL #11 with art by George Freeman
  • The 2-part backup story "Night Olympics" (featuring Green Arrow & Black Canary) from DETECTIVE COMICS #549-550 with art by Klaus Janson
  • The 10-page story "Footsteps" (featuring the Phantom Stranger) from SECRET ORIGINS #10 with art by Joe Orlando
  • The 2-part story "Father's Day" from VIGILANTE #17-18 with art by Jim Baikie
  • Short backup stores from OMEGA MEN #26 & 27 with art by Kevin O'Neill, Paris Cullins & Rick Magyar
  • Short backup stories from GREEN LANTERN #188 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #2 & 3 with art by Gibbons, O'Neill and Bill Willingham

    "It's no secret that Alan is one of the most brilliant, inventive, and versatile writers in comics, whether he's writing about Swamp Thing, Superman, Promethea, V FOR VENDETTA's V, or whoever," says Paul Levitz, DC's President & Publisher. "This is a great opportunity for fans to catch up on these seminal DC Universe stories, most of which have never been reprinted in the U.S. before."

    ACROSS THE UNIVERSE also features a new cover and an introduction by Gibbons, and is scheduled to hit stores June 11, at a cover price of $19.95.

    Derek McCaw

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