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A Van Dam Fine Fansite...

I've just read your interview with Rob Van Dam about his comic book, would it be cool if I add it to my RVD website, www.rob-van-dam.com? I'll give you credit for it and add a link to your site.

--Rob Earll

Well, Rob, despite our name, we're a pro site. And you give me the opportunity to clarify our "quoting" policy. Just as we wouldn't use anybody's full piece from another site (comics company press releases are sent to us for publication as is), we ask that you not take our entire text. What's to drive anybody over to us, then?

You're welcome to use an excerpt from the interview, with a link back to us for the full article. That way, you get your traffic and we get your traffic. We're both happy.

And by all means, Van Dam fans, check out Rob's site. It's pretty cool, and pretty extensive.

Will I Get Tired of Van Dam Puns? Not Tonight, Not Van Dam Likely...

Man, you got to meet RVD?!! You are SOOOO lucky. Is he really cool? Is he down to earth?

My husband, son and I met Kurt Angle back in May at an amusement park in Bristol, CT. He was so nice. They had a raffle after the autograph signing and the 5 people chosen got to go on rides with Kurt and hang out with him (but there was a ton of people following them around the park).

Well, my 9 year old son was one of the lucky 5. He went on a roller coaster twice with him and this thing called the sky coaster (you swing way up high on a bungy). I can't believe I let him go on it. When they asked me if he could go on the "sky coaster" with Kurt, I thought they meant a different ride. When I found out what ride it really was, I started to panic. My son really wanted to go, and my husband said to just let him go. My heart was in my mouth, but it was an awesome experience for him. How many kids can say they rode the sky coaster with Kurt Angle?

I bet RVD was just as nice - Kurt and Rob are my 2 favorites. RVD should have Triple H's title from when they fought on Raw.

Any way, man, you are so so lucky! Have you met any other wrestlers?

We have met John Cena, Dawn Marie and Kurt Angle. John Cena and Dawn were really nice too. You think John would be an a-hole especially since I was all excited and stumbling over my words when I thanked him for bringing us such good sports entertainment and how I LOVE the WWE. He was really humble and grateful for us watching. We met JR too. He was nice too.

Take care and thanks for sharing your experience meeting RVD.

-- unsigned

Of all the guys currently wrestling, I'd say Angle would be the one I'd most want to meet. Though really, I just want to exchange Christmas gifts with Mick Foley.

Don't They Have To Call Him "Serpent Plissken" in England?

Snake is back, but is he back for the U.K. fans? 'Cos I'm in the U.K. and my favorite films are Escape From NY/LA. I just don't want to miss out on new Snake stuff. So will I be able to get it in the U.K.? if so, where? Thanks.

-- Ian Jenkins

Unfortunately, being in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm not certain of British distribution patterns, but I'm 98% sure that CrossGen ships overseas. So if you haven't seen John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles yet, you need to find a new comics shop.(And that series, by the way, will last as long as you blokes keep buying it. Ho ho. I said "blokes.")

As for the rest, I know MGM will be releasing a new special edition (no, really, it's really special) of Escape From New York sometime in November. And then we have the anime due sometime in 2005, from the producers of Ghost In The Shell.

Side note to Chris Garcia: Ian here is actually British, and he still spelled "favorite" without a "u." So get over it.

Why I'm Blessed

(re: Cheyenne Silver) You are forever...and truly....my friend....

-- David Busby

We've never met face to face, but that's just another wonder of the internet.

And Now, A Word From The Pros...

(I e-mailed the folks at Opposite Number Studios. After doing a quick pre-ComicCon blurb extolling them, they were no shows. Now you'll know why.)

No, you didn't simply pass us by and not recognize us. We decided that based on the crappy location the indies were in last year at San Diego that we'd try a different con this year.

There's a Wizard coming to our backyard, Dallas, this fall. We did hear really good things about the placement of independents this year though, that gives us hope that we may return to San Diego next year.

-- Jason and Jona Kottler

The small press section was divided into two, with both being strategically and cleverly placed near food outlets. That means that anyboy sitting over there might just glance up and see something in the way of small press that caught their attention. Unless that hot dog was realllllly good.

And Now, Another Word From The Pros...

Great review. Thanks so much for actually paying attention to the story that's there, instead of imagining some other story entirely! ;)

Best wishes, and I hope I never let you down.

-- Gail Simone

You guys may not know what an honor it is to have this woman read the site. When Fanboy Planet was not even a gleam in some Daily Radar writers' heads, I was reading her column, "You'll All Be Sorry," over at Comic Book Resources. She's one of our own; both giving inspiration to and setting a high bar for internet would-be comics writers everywhere.

I hope I never let HER down, either. Nor you, for that matter. People, thanks for reading and thanks for writing in and letting us know just how we're doing. Keep it up.


Derek McCaw

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