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Does the WB's Tarzan still air? If so, what time and what day?

-- Danny Sims

The WB is missing a huge boat by not rushing this thing out on DVD. We get more email about this than any other subject. Seriously. Which says you guys should be writing in more often about other stuff!

But back to Danny's question. It does not air currently; I don't even know if they have episodes left to burn. So I'm back to the DVD solution.


Because Children Need To Be Exposed To Drunken Nihilism...

Hey there...

Just wanted to point out...in your article (review of Shrek 2) when you mention the momentary brilliance of Tom Waits as Captain Hook and the later replacement of a better sounding voice. The second voice is actually Nick Cave. Still brilliant I think for those of us who get the joke.

-- iheart45s

An odd juxtaposition of email address and subject matter, I think. I'm suddenly getting a vision of Tom Waits set to an infectious disco beat, and I don't know why.

The Chronicles of Riddikon?

I recently attended a showing of The Chronicles of Riddick because I enjoyed Pitch Black so much. But Pitch Black had no sequel story planned and after seeing Riddick, I can't help but wonder if parts of the story were lifted by David Twohy from Bryan Kinnaird's The Villikon Chronicles, the sci-fi graphic novel series with its cult following that Marin Carpenter reviewed last year.

While I liked Riddick, I agree with your review for the most part and "grand" is definately not what fans of Pitch Black were wanting from the continuing adventures of Riddick. It would be interesting for regulars of Fanboy to revisit Marin Carpenter's review and check out The Villikon Chronicles for themselves, compared to Riddick. I believe Marin missed the mark on Villikon, though. It was a vision with epic scope that I invite readers to check out again.

Frequenting cons and reading new books has made me aware of much in the respective film and comic book industries, especially where crossover projects are involved. Piracy of ideas is rampant but nothing new. However, it is apparent when examining themes in Riddick compared to Villikon that The Villikon Chronicles may have inspired David Twohy's vision for expanding Riddick's universe, and the creators of Villikon should definitely take note. Please print this letter so Fanboy Planet readers might take the topic to discussion and remember a series previously visited by your site.

Keep up the great work. I really enjoy the site.

-- Mel McCoy

Some of the movie reminded me of The Villikon Chronicles, but despite the resemblance, I do doubt that it was a conscious rip-off. I think both works take liberally (and I don't mean this necessarily as a slam) from Dune, Jack Kirby, the works of Jim Starlin (Warlock and Dreadstar, for example), Michael Moorcock and a lot of other sources. For that matter, if you limited the scope of Riddick's plot to one planet, it's pretty much Conan, right down to the ending shot.

I'm glad you liked The Villikon Chronicles. The creators are incredibly nice guys, very enthusiastic, and I think, importantly, very responsive to their fans and willing to give a leg up to new talent. Personally, I think that there's more to the Villikon "universe," if you will, that's worth exploring, and yet I really didn't respond well to the initial mini-series.

But by all means, readers, you can go back to Marin's review and buy the book. We'll sell anything because we've got a convention trip to pay for. And if not pay for, at least buy the staff dinner one night at McDonald's...

So read, write, and support us, through either Amazon or Creative Light's Pulp Shop!

Derek McCaw

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