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Fanboy Planet: The New Tiger Beat...



-- Nikki Darrah

For those puzzled by the name Kevin (Alexander) Clark, and the vehemence of this young lady's shouting, he played the drummer in School of Rock, and we get at least ten hits a day on Marin Carpenter's review of the film from his fansite. Yes, that fifth grader is more popular with women than you are.


The Jekyll Journals Pay Off...

Editing department, congrats on putting together a Scott Zakarin masterpiece. I played "Mike" in the film. Please keep me posted on a release date, and how the editing is coming along. Keep up the good work.

-- Aaron Brumfield

We will. Right now,there's still no hard and fast release date, but as soon as we know, we'll print it.

A Plea To Angel Fans...

Hello, I'm looking for Illyria screenshots, pics or wallpapers. Do you have links for me?

Please help me.

-- Monique Cruz

Can anybody help out Monique on this one? The only Illyria shots we had are the ones we ran. I might suggest you try Whedonesque.

Tell Us How You Really Feel About Sam Kieth...

Sam Kieth! Sam Kieth! Sam Kieth! Sam Kieth! Sam Kieth!

By the way, did I mention "Sam Kieth!"

I don't even care if there is a story. Sign me up for the art alone.

-- Doug Livingston

Oh, there's a story, eventually. But you don't care. Let Kieth just wash all over you.

City of Heroes: Our Secret Identities Revealed...

Your site is by far the best fanboy related site out there...blahblahblah. You've heard it all before!

Now that that's out of the way are you still using the screen name Fanboy Planet on City of Heroes? Are there any other names you guys use, and when is a good time to get on to team up with you?

-- Mark Montgomery

Goodson replies:

Thanks for the ass kissing. Most of the staff is playing, but I am not currently using the FanboyPlanet name. To level him beyond level 3 would just betray the spirit of weakness that festers in our office.

Editor Derek McCaw plays as "Rokk Candy," "Hott Candy" and "The Night Panda" on the Protector, Triumph and Guardian servers. I play as "Burrito" (long running joke) on the Guardian server Mish'al Samman plays as "NineTail" on Triumph and "Sayan" on Protector.

We don't have a regular playing time, but feel free to drop us a line and thanks for reading!

Derek adds:

Rumor has it that comics reviewer Jason Schachat also plays, which has sharply curtailed his reading and writing time. We've also just picked up that the crew of Fanboy Radio has been playing on the Guardian server. Unfortunately, in defiance of superhero rules, we have been unable to force a misunderstanding and battle them to finally prove superiority. It's back to the San Diego Sumo Match...

And by all means, praise us. Revile us. Read us. But most of all, write us!

Derek McCaw

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