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Mail Call Today's Date:

It was a good week for letters, starting with the short and sweet...

Ah, Yes...The Forum...

I'm really enjoying reading the conversations in the Fanboy Forum. I think you need to get more people who don't run the website to chime in though.

--Troy Benson

Hey, I agree. Please. If you're here, we want to get your opinion. Go ahead. Rant. Rave. Tell Sarah she's hot even though she used to read Elfquest.

David Busby Speaks

" No letter from David Busby this week. Do you think he's cheating on us with another site?"

AWWWW.....I didn't know you cared....

Nothing serious....just waiting for this war to get started already.

More gratuitous girlie pics please!

--David Busby

They only look gratuitous. In reality, our girlie pics are carefully placed to coincide with an overall theme, which is "sucker in more readers to our hard-hitting commentary by featuring gratuitous girlie pics." Few people realize it, but that's the same editorial mandate at Juggs.

Hey, Somebody From The Movie Actually Read Our Review!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Chris Garcia for the fabulous review of Making Arrangements! If I could, I would knight you all and throw beautiful flowers at your feet.

--Cacky Poarch

It's okay. I make everyone here call me "sir" anyway. But boy, does that chainmail undergarment chafe.

I'm Shocked, Absolutely Shocked.

Hi, I have a friend that is in love with this episode (of South Park) because of the Cartman part. Is there any place I can download and burn this episode?

Thank you for your help.


You know, we're placed in a sticky wicket. We do know of such places, but they are, I believe, illegal. We at Fanboy Planet cannot condone such practices, especially since Warner Brothers has begun releasing South Park episodes on high quality DVD, which we could make you buy through Amazon.com.

As for the appropriate dotcoms, we couldn't bear to share our knowledge with you. Or as the Russians might say, KaZaa.

So much for this week. Write! Tell us we're fools. That's okay, because for the most part, we are.

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