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It was a good week for letters, starting with the short and sweet...

CrossGen Owes Us...

Good articles. I have met Jeff Johnson (artist on Way of the Rat); he's an awesome guy.


And the other kids scoffed when I applied for the Famous Artists' School of Cartooning.

Welcoming Rebecca Sparling...

While I was overjoyed to see that someone had started reviewing ALIAS, I was a little surprised by some of Miss Sparling's positive comments about the infamous post-Superbowl Phase One episode.

Here's a copy of the e-mail I wrote to ABC (they did not reply) right after the original airing of that episode (I also asked a Disney writer friend to forward a copy directly to the ALIAS creative team; they not surprisingly did not answer either):

"Let me preface these comments with the fact that ALIAS is still a good show that I will continue to watch (for now). And certainly I'm not one to complain too much about Ms. Garner modeling lingerie or showcasing a bikini to one of my favorite 'Cars' songs.

That being said, the show, I think, has lost much, and one suspects the creators are desperate for viewers.

Speaking of that desperation, consider the lingerie and bikini shots. Once upon a time Sydney used to wear interesting, diverse outfits for disguises. They were equally, if not more, sexy. Part of the fun was seeing how Sydney would infiltrate the bad guys, then how she would carry out her SD-6 mission AND her CIA countermission.

And speaking of missions, gone are the wonderful SD-6 mission briefings with Marshall running off at the mouth and Sloane oozing cool creepiness. Say goodbye to the classic, multilayered Sloane - Sydney exchanges. The previews for next week hinted at such deep lines as 'I'm going to kill you.'

'Moonlighting' never recovered from Maddie and David finally getting together. Right now, I fear that ALIAS will suffer a similar fate..." (END LETTER)

Fortunately ALIAS has managed to recover somewhat and deliver some solid episodes. Let's hope that trend continues, and that Miss Sparling keeps up the good work.

--Dallas Eisenhower

Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at "...Ms. Garner modeling lingerie..."

Able To Leap Tall Buildings At A Damage Level of 4...

I just checked out your Hero Clix write-up (good stuff!) I have a couple of questions, though, pertaining to one of the pictures you have in your write-up: You have a picture of an entire street scene (buildings and all) with a Sentinel walking down the street.

Did you create that city environment? Is that set sold anywhere? Please let me know. It looked really good! Thanks!


That city environment was part of WizKids' booth at the San Diego Comic-Con, one of the tournament tables they had set up.

Just recently I've heard, however, that they do sell kits to create those buildings, but as part of MechWarrior. I've passed your question along to WizKids, and await an answer, because dang, now I want one.

Does anybody else know?

Yes. He's On X.

I was recently browsing through your website and saw the Bryan Singer/painkiller story.

Do you think Mr. Singer has a drug problem? There were reports that on several days during the shooting of X2 that Singer was reportedly so unhappy directing the movie that he left the set after yelling action! It's also been reported that Halle Berry cannot stand Singer and does not want to work with him ever again, even telling him to "kiss (her) black a**."

What do you make of all of this? I would love to hear your comments.


I think I'm not really qualified to judge. The incident in question seems to have faded from the gossip pages, and wasn't followed by any other reports of erratic behavior or hard feelings on the set, so I'm going with this:

One day, Halle Berry and Bryan Singer got into a fight on the set. It happens, especially when two talented people are trying to create something they can both be happy with.

They probably made up afterward, but nobody wants to print that sort of thing.

When I met Bryan Singer he was nothing but gracious, as was his producing partner, Tom DeSanto.

And quite honestly, I would consider it an honor to smooch that ebony derriere.

And on that note...send us more mail, whether it be about Halle Berry's charms or not. And/or check out our new improved forum!


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