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The Political Curse of The Predator...

With this week's recall election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Governor-ship of California, what started as an anomaly looks disturbingly like a trend. And we here at Fanboy Planet believe in embracing it whole-heartedly.

Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura as Governor. Then California elected Arnie. That's two stars from Predator. We have no choice now but to endorse and push Carl Weathers to run for Governor in order to complete the set.

It's Time For A Change In The Weathers...
Vote Carl In '06!

First, we have to find out where he lives, then try to get him into residency in a state that might have an upcoming opening. To heck with that, let's put him in Oregon. Does anybody know if they have a recall statute?

If Carl won't run, we'll settle for Danny Glover from Predator II, or maybe even Ruben Blades.

You do still have to be a resident of the planet
in order to run for office, right?

Thanks to Bill Mitchell and Ric Forrester


Derek McCaw

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