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Superpowered Trailer For CBS' Supergirl

CBS announced that Supergirl will be Mondays at 8 p.m. in the Fall for 2015 -- which currently puts it smack dab against Gotham. (My money's on Supergirl for the moment.)

In addition to that announcement, the network has released a "trailer" to get everyone excited, but it's more than a trailer. It's really the emotional highpoints of the whole pilot. Take six and a half minutes to watch this and decide for yourself.

It has more to be said for it than against. Though Kara is sort of rom-com goofy throughout the trailer, as Supergirl she's strong and impressive. I'm pleased that Superman does exist and his presence will be felt even if no actor is cast... yet. And this also feels like yes, the TV DC Universe is the one I want to spend time in. Sorry, movie version.

Derek McCaw


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