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Fox Has A Deal With The Devil
DC/Vertigo's Lucifer Coming This Fall

Created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth in the pages of The Sandman, Lucifer Morningstar isn't quite the devil you know. Or maybe he is.

Tired of tormenting souls and stoking the fires of damnation, he up and quits to run a nightclub in Los Angeles called Lux. DC's edgier imprint Vertigo tapped writer Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross to continue those adventures, in a pretty great run about a decade or so ago.

It looks like the Fox series takes a little bit from that, mostly in setting, though Gaiman had revisited Lucifer a few times in the pages of The Sandman and established a lot of it. Still, I want to give credit to that series, because this one may go in a different, yet connected, direction.

It's recasting the devil as part of a buddy cop procedural -- which could be interesting and at least has a stronger and simpler premise than NBC's Vertigo-based series Constantine. Although from the looks of it, what they've done is boiled down the elements from that to create this. (Still hoping to #saveconstantine somewhere!)

Tom Ellis has the right insouciance as Lucifer, so... this could be cool.

Derek McCaw


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