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All-New All-Different Marvel Page 11

Continuing down Marvel's list...

Announced last week by Marvel, The creative team is strong, and Marvel really wants this book to succeed.

That doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be great, but it is worth a look.

Bring on the bad guys. Or are they good?

The artwork will be stunning. The story may be good. But at this point, I'm X-ed out.

And then Marvel makes me dare to dream.

If this is the book that revives the Space-Knights, the greatest Marvel concept that they themselves don't own 100% of, then I'm in.

They can't use ROM, so why not use Venom? They share the last two letters.

There's life in this concept. Maybe.

Yes, the Spider-Verse crossover was a success, and it was fun. But do we really want to see all these spiders meeting up time and time again? You'd think it was the Green Lantern Corps.

On the other hand, Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

So maybe.

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Derek McCaw



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