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WonderCon 2014 Today's Date:

WonderCon 2014: Happy Birthday, Batman!
Here Are All Those Wonderful Toys...

Perhaps as it should be, when you walked into the Wondercon Exhibit Hall, the DC Entertainment booth dominated. (Though many great publishers were nearby.) And dominating the DC Entertainment booth was the hero that we know for sure DC knows what to do with.

Yes, it's Batman's 75th Anniversary this year, and to celebrate, DC is offering up a lot of toys and items that we're going to want. (And a lot of it is for Batman '66 -- which somehow seems appropriate, too.) So take a look at all the Batstuff, and start saving your Batbucks!

DC has you covered from head to toe......

It's an endless cycle -- save some money, buy stome stuff, save some money, buy more stuff.......

If this set didn't exist in 1966, it should have.

Batman figures of all shapes and sizes.....

Including the Batman who SHOULD get an Elsewhere series..

Available in July at your local Hallmark. I'm putting up my tree five months early. Sorry.

LEGO does Batman right....

Yes! Man-Bat Attack!....

This is a model. Pass the Testor's...


Derek McCaw



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