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Nate Costa Vs. The Walking Dead

Thanks to Skybound, we were able to send Nate into The Walking Dead Escape this year at Comic-Con 2014. Jason Salazar strapped a GoPro camera to him, and now you can see the majesty of trying to escape from zombies in Petco Park, the Padres' home baseball stadium.

Participants could either be "walkers" themselves, undergoing make-up and training, or be "survivors" and try to make it all the way through the obstacle course. (Though it is stressed that The Walking Dead Escape is not a race.)

A fun interactive and immersive experience, The Walking Dead Escape isn't actually limited to Comic-Con, though that's where it started in 2012. Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment has actually been touring it this year, and may be coming to a city near you.

For more information, go to www.thewalkingdeadescape.com.

But for now, enjoy Nate Costa's trip through it. He survived as best as anyone could.


Derek McCaw


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