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Comic-Con Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2014:
Cosplay - Wednesday and Thursday

Despite what you've seen on the news, 90% of Comic-Con attendees are NOT in costume. (Because a Captain America t-shirt, though cool, does not actually qualify as a costume.). The people cosplaying at Comic-Con are creative individuals who are expressing their love of the culture in sometimes absolutely amazing ways.

There has been a problem with harassment of cosplayers this year, one ending on a triumphant note (Adrienne Curry, we met a few years ago at a party, and I want to say YOU GO, GIRL!) and one, unfortunately, that we're still seeing playing out.

So look -- we run these pictures for the reason that people like to scroll through and see them, there's no lying about that. But the other thing is -- we CELEBRATE people with the vision to put these costumes together. I occasionally work as an actor; I also get that this is five days of getting to be someone you might not feel like you are in real life. So Go Go Gobots, fight on, Rai, and again, Adrienne? YOU GO, GIRL!

There's an old saying in the galaxy: Never take a snoot from a Mandalorian..

Hey, girl, want to play cards?

En Sabah Nur says "you'll know who I am in two years."

Is it still cosplay if you're repping a company?
We'll give this one a pass because 1) DeviantArt rules and 2) they let us into the party.

I don't know why, but I thought that cosplaying Agent Carter was really cool.

The Mad Hatter and Captain EO fighting for Disney dominance...


I'm pretty sure James Gunn will face an army of Gamoras at the next Comic-Con...

That had better be a Nerf tip, fella....

I couldn't get the clown's attention. But in hindsight, did I want to?

Maleficent and Fairest, two adjectives that look great.

Seriously, it's great how popular this Ms. Marvel has become...

Threatening yet confident... yep, that's Nightwing...

Would someone please explain to me what a Poro actually is?

No, no, March Hare, it's the White Rabbit who is late...

Because the Power Rangers/Doctor Who crossover must happen...

A picture destined to be shown at his wedding.

Much closer than the upcoming movie portrays him.

Walk proud, young Mecha-Warrior...

And then the kitty fed on my soul...

Vader after dark...

Vader finally lets her hair down...

I'm pretty sure he meant to flash me the peace sign. Pretty sure.


Derek McCaw



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