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Comic-Con 2014:
The Batman Costume Display

In case it hasn't been hammered home yet, it's Batman's 75th Anniversary. Comic-Con acknowledged it with a plethora of panels, merchandise up the wazoo, and, through no particular fault of ther own, oodles of cosplay which proves that the reason Warner Brothers keeps cycling through Batman stories is that EVERYBODY LOVES BATMAN.

Sorry, but it's true. I heard a lot of complaints around Comic-Con about oh, he's in Batman v Superman, oh, there's another animated series coming (still haven't actually heard anything conclusive but... why not?), oh, he's in so many animated DVD projects... well, again... the general public loves him. They'll buy him over any other character DC has.

Face it -- he's cool.

And DC acknowledged that in their booth this year with a display of the various movie costumes, beginning with one worn by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's Batman. (If they'd had one of Adam West's, I don't think you could have gotten near the booth; it would have been so crowded with excitement.)

Also, the booth was anchored by a statue of Batman, which looked like he was coming out of a giant crag, perhaps an extension of Ben Affleck's very jaw.

Without further ado, here's a look at the costumes on display...

One of Michael Keaton's costumes from Batman. There is something about that yellow circle I miss..

One of Val Kilmer's costumes from Batman Forever. Note the ears grilled for better sound pick-up...

A costume worn by George Clooney in Batman & Robin. It seems much less busy than I remember.
Not that I'll watch it again to confirm.

One of Christian Bale's armors from The Dark Knight Rises. It even LOOKS like it's growling..

The rumored Ben Affleck cape and cowl....

Cowls from the Burton films...

These things took a lot of abuse... and not just from critics..

Christian Bale's seem a lot more flexible and durable. Plus Bane and Cat Burglar Woman!

Batman Begins... To take photos of his own. And what's with the Canadian flag?

Derek McCaw



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