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Comic-Con 2014:
Affleck As Batman Tweeted To Cause A-Twitter

Set photographer Clay Enos tweeted the photo at right today -- a close-up of Ben Affleck in the cowl as Batman in Batman v Superman.

As noted before, those ears are shorter than we've gotten used to seeing in the theatrical Batman, but it's in keeping with that The Dark Knight Returns tone. (Not that the plot of the film really has anything to do with the Frank Miller classic -- it's just that from the very moment they announced this project, it's clear that Director Zack Snyder has been very influenced by that seminal work.)

Yeah, it works. And a little later this Con we'll show you pics of all the cinematic cowls, which DC has on display at its booth, similar to last year's evolution of Superman costumes exhibit.

We still don't know that we're going to have any really solid news about the film out of Comic-Con, except that it's more likely that Warner will hold off. The film does not come out until 2016, so they want people to really explode at next year's Comic-Con.


Derek McCaw

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