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NYCC 2013 Today's Date:

New York Comic-Con 2013:
Gallery 3 Cosplay! Cosplay! Cosplay!

As the 2014 Convention season opens, Deb Draisin rightfully reminded her editor that she had a bunch of photos still just sitting on the server from her coverage of New York Comic-Con 2013! Cripes, Deb, you're right -- I do not exactly curse my day job, but it has a way of letting things float out of my mind. So without further ado... let's look back at 2013! (Gallery 1 is here!) (Gallery 2 is here!)

(photos by Deb J. Draisin)

Topo? You've changed

British Telecom is worse than Sprint....

For me, Rocky Horror is the birth of cosplay. Nice to see it represented...

Is it me, or is Frank Langella looking a little blue?

Luckily, Deb turned down his invitation to take a run around the convention center. .

No comment.

This is so wrong we had to run it...

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat...

Where is the gender-bending mini-series that this demands?!.

Ahem... we prefer to call this Thomas Kalmaku....

These things disturb me....

I love those moments that just might not be part of the Convention...

Everybody loves TRON...

One Twilek, Two Twilek, Red Twilek, Blue Twilek...

No! Don't do it! He's more dangerous than the Free Hugs guy!



Derek McCaw



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