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Comic-Con 2011:
Shadowbox Comics On The iPad!

In 2007, I met artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III at the Star Wars Celebration event in Japan. There I saw for the very first time a cool art piece that he had done in a shadowbox.  It was Han Solo after shooting Greedo at the Cantina. 

The idea of layered artwork fascinated me, and I recall him telling me he would take it somewhere. Little did I know that 4 years later, he has made his giant leap into taking it to a great new place.

With the digitization of comic books, an online path most comic book companies are taking, it was obvious that that would have been the way to go, and Spencer did.  I caught up with Spencer at SDCC 2011, he pulled out his iPad and showed me what he had created, and I was impressed. 

One can only imagine the possibilities of this idea, especially for kids who love pop up books, or just looking at art that moves, and with all the coolest of devices out there, the iPad was in my opinion an exceptional choice, and its compatibility with iPhone, and iTouch sisters. 

It uses the gyroscope of the iPad to measure the tilt and moves the 3D accordingly, you can allow the application to rotate automatically, or you can keep it in static mode and flip thru in 2D.  Truly the most innovative thing I saw at SDCC this year, and I can't wait to see more. 

This is why I love this show, because sometimes, there you are lucky enough to find those little gems that make you say “Wow, I’ve never seen that before.”

Check it out below, and then for more information, go to Spencer's site Shadowbox Comics.

Mish'al Samman


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