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Comic-Con 2009 Today's Date:

The Wrath of Con 2009
Fanboy Planet's Trip Through The Hottest Party Of Comic-Con

The taunting poster outside, photo by David Tapia
Comic-Con comes with throngs of cool things to see and do, but when the exhibit hall closes down for the night that doesn’t mean the excitement of the convention has to come to a close.

Major companies and PR firms are still working hard to make Comic-Con and San Diego the place to be. Usually, that’s achieved by a Gaslamp District full of banners, flyers and displays promoting the hottest upcoming projects from just about everything in Hollywood.

It’s also achieved with numerous promotional parties set up by some of the biggest companies in the biz, each striving to have the best party and rule the Con. This year’s winner, and still champion, had to be IESB.NET’s “The Wrath of Con” party.

Started last year, Wrath has gathered a buzz from all around the net as being the hottest party in town for the Who’s Who of the convention. Promising big name celebrities, big time entertainment, and all around fun, Wrath lived up to all the hype and delivered an afterparty worthy of all Comic-Con attendees.

Majorly sponsored by Poynt, a Blackberry app for locating yourself in new cities when you want to cry “I don’t know where I am…”, Wrath was held at the Hard Rock Hotel outdoor plaza. All around lay numerous open bars with Fearnet.com and Capcom sponsored drinks (try the Strider; it will and simultaneously won't break your stride) and delicious hors d'oeuvres for the guests.

The floor was bookended by a modest-sized stage for live music and a six sided wrestling ring from TNA Wrestling across the way. Whatever was going to go down there was sure to be exciting.

Daughtry rocking out at his first Comic-Con.
  The party started with a live set from one of the hottest rock groups around today, Daughtry. I just need to clarify, Daughtry has the number one album in the country and they started the party...

That’s how awesome the Wrath of Con party was. Daughtry gave the party its all as the band rocked out for a solid hour of solid tunes.

The party then took a breath and we were treated to sneak peak of Platinum Studios’ upcoming movie Dead of Night, starring Brandon Routh as supernatural detective Dylan Dog. The movie looked really good and a lot of fun, and immediately after the footage -- which got a huge response from the crowd, the cast of the film came on stage.

After yet another breather, the focus of the party turned towards the TNA ring.

Before any headbutts or chair shots were thrown though, the party crowd’s attention was directed to the video screens again to announce the Wrath of Con award. A sign of respect to some true pioneers of the genres all of us Comic-Con goers love, the award recognized Watchmen and 300 director Zack Snyder and screenwriting stars of the summer Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek and Fringe).

Zack Snyder, crowned current king of us...
All in all, it was a very nice way to remind all the people who were there that this was a party that didn’t forget its roots and that the whole reason we were all there was because of our love for Comic-Con.

Once the awards were finished, TNA wrestling icon Kurt Angle entered the ring and hyped his day job. He then brought out Zachary Levi, star of NBC’s Chuck, who then introduced an exhibition match featuring Chris “The Fallen Angel” Daniels and Suicide vs. The Motor City Machine Guns. Not shying away from a fight, these two teams put on a pay per view caliber match that was full of hard hitting, high flying, non stop action. Applause to all the TNA crew who put that together; it was fantastic.

Once TNA had finished, music poured into the plaza and the party was on. Gorgeous dancers shook it on side stages and even in the TNA ring itself. Women with painted-on bikini tops mingled throughout the crowd and the Wrath of Con was in full swing.

He knows kung fu.
Some of Hollywood’s hottest stars and talent were on hand to enjoy the party as well. Aside from the aforementioned contributors to the party, many a star and starlet could be seen. Seth Green, Stan Lee, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, the cast of The Big Bang Theory, as well as show creator Chuck Lorre, Blair Butler and Alison Hayslip from Attack of the Show and many others populated the floor mixing and mingling it up in one of the best parties at Con.

The rest of the night was spent drinking it up, talking it up and dancing the night away. And as the party closed, all guests were handed gift bags with cool swag from various sponsors, yet another cool surprise from an already eventful party, including an ashcan edition of party sponsors Poor Boys Productions' graphic novels The Safest Place and Death Valley, written by Friend of Fanboy Planet and guest wrestling columnist Keith Champagne.

Many others attempted to have the hottest party at Comic Con this year, but few achieved what IESB.net did this year. Not only did they throw a fantastic party but they put on a great show with great people at a great place. Congrats to all the Wrath of Con sponsors and promoters for creating for what will now be known as the King of all Comic Con parties.

We owe it all to Death Valley -- thanks, Keith!
And thanks to Poor Boys Productions!

all photos taken by Lon Lopez unless otherwise noted.

Lon Lopez

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