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Who Is Donna Tro -- Oh, Never Mind...
a response to Graduation Day #3 (spoilers)

Editor's Note: This piece originally appeared in a slightly different form in the Fanboy Planet forums. After reading the DC book in question, in which Donna Troy follows her mother into the land of characters whose continuity is too confusing to be allowed to live, I thought it was worth publishing on the main site, and asked the author's permission to do so.

Which means hey, gang, we've got a new contributor. So please welcome Troy Benson.

A Superman robot? I'll be the first one to admit that Wonder Girl's continuity has always been screwed up...but a Superman robot?

To some it may have seemed that her existence created more problems than she was worth. For her first thirty or so appearances, it was even unclear as to whether she was Wonder Woman as a teenager or a separate character. This confusion was not cleared up until Teen Titans (original series #22) when it was revealed that baby Donna had been rescued as an infant by Wonder Woman. Later, her origin was expanded in the classic story "Who is Donna Troy" in New Teen Titans #38.

Her very existence again came into question in post-Crisis continuity. Suddenly Wonder Woman was younger than Wonder Girl and had come to "man's world" many years after Donna had started her career in the Teen Titans.

Once again Marv Wolfman did some hard thinking and came up with a new origin for Donna Troy that involved the original Titans of Greek mythology. Wonder Girl then became Troia.

Years passed and John Byrne decided to reestablish a connection between Donna Troy and Wonder Woman. This also helped explain why Donna originally picked a costume that mimicked Hippolyta's WWII Wonder Woman costume. (Hey, another character arbitrarily killed in a cross-over...)

Now Donna was some sort of Diana avatar, a magical clone cursed to live many lifetimes of sorrow by a villainess who didn't understand that she hadn't actually cursed Diana herself. I still don't understand the whole thing, but at least John Byrne was attempting to make sense of the character.

Then a Superman robot comes along.

A Superman robot? I can see how the elimination of Donna Troy might be easier than explaining her origin.

But a rogue Superman robot? What an unglorious death.

Kara Zor-El's death had meaning. Barry Allen's death had meaning. Karate Kid's death (pre-Crisis Legion of Superheroes) was dramatic. Jean Grey's death ( before she came back to life) was very emotional. Ditto for Elektra.

But a Superman robot is just stupid. I can handle Troia/Wonder Girl's apparent death (I fully expect her to return in the future). My big complaint is that with all the work that other individuals had put into the character to explain her very existence her death seemed....lame.

Troy Benson

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