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Make Mine DC
a response to Avengers/JLA #2

Editor's Note: This piece originally appeared in a slightly different form in the Fanboy Planet forums.

First, I would like to make all of the disclaimers up front. I've always made mine DC. That being said, I'm really enjoying this series so far.

Kurt Busiek is showing the Marvel Heroes to be the punks that they are. What was with the gang attack on Superman in the second issue by Hercules, She-Hulk, Wonder Man, the Vision and Iron Man?

It's not Supes' fault that he handed Thor his stupid little winged helmet. These Marvel wimps are just lucky that they are fighting a post-Crisis Superman. Twenty years ago Superman could have taken out Galactus (even if Galactus was in possession of the Cosmic Cube, the Infinity Gauntlet and the Ultimate Nullifier).

Aquaman said it all when he stated that the DC Heroes are generally more powerful than the Marvel Heroes. Even if for a second you think that Thor with his hammer is as strong as Superman (which he's not!), Superman has got it all over Thor in the speed department. Wonder Woman is similarly faster than Hercules, while the Martian Manhunter (as is being shown currently in JLA) is in a league all by himself.

The Avengers should count their lucky stars that Captain Marvel and Power Girl haven't shown up. If Krypto had seen what they did to Superman a couple of Marvel "heroes" would be very sorry. Heck, I think even Hoppy the Marvel Bunny could go a couple of rounds with Wonder Man.

Busiek is doing a good job in clarifying the fundamental differences between the two universes. The Marvel Universe is filled with a bunch of wimps and whiners! Does anyone enjoy being a super-hero in the Marvel Universe? It's all so depressing over there.

Is it really such a miserable existence having superpowers? Reading a Marvel book is like listening to a supermodel complain about how she didn't have any dates in high school or an actor complain about how hard they had to work for those four weeks on location in Tahiti to earn twenty million dollars (boo hoo!). You have the proportionate strength of a spider and you're married to a supermodel; life ain't that bad.

The DC Universe is generally filled with characters that have more noble traits. Sure, Batman's a little nutty and Green Arrow is a womanizer, but they're not Wolverine or The Punisher. When compared to Namor, Aquaman seems downright jolly. That's one of the reasons why any company attempts to "marvelize" a character seem to ring hollow. Hal Jordan would never have destroyed the Green Lantern Corps! But I digress...

I read comic books to see good triumph over evil. Superman's right. The world should be a better place with heroes in it, not worse.

Troy Benson

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