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If you have ever read anything by Brian Michael Bendis please raise your hand. Now that almost 99% of the comic buying world has raised their hands, put them back down on your respective mouse.

Bendis writes Marvel's Ultimate Spider-man and Image's incredibly spectacular, always-groundbreaking superhero/cop drama Powers, not to mention having written a plethora of other comics and original stories. One of those original stories is Jinx, written and drawn by Bendis himself.

Jinx is the story of Jinx Alameda, a professional bounty hunter, and David "Goldfish" Gold, a grifter and thief, and the beginnings of their relationship. And boy howdy, are they having a hard time going about it. Goldfish isn't exactly being upfront about his criminal career, and Jinx isn't sharing intimates either. Throw in Goldfish's unbalanced grifting partner Columbia, a hunt for $3 million, and an old acquaintance of Goldfish that sets his world on its ear, and you get an action packed love story, told with the regular Bendis flair.

Bendis is a great writer and it is most apparent in this book. He's written several, pure crime genre comics (Torso, the true story of America's first serial killer, and Goldfish, about the same character that appears in Jinx, among others) but Jinx stands out as his best.

Known for his great touch with dialogue, Bendis often writes in dialogue that is broken, full of slang, and always engaging. Jinx and Goldfish both stumble over their words when trying to describe themselves and their lives, because real conversation rarely exhibits good grammar and complete sentences, and this is something Bendis understands and does better than anyone else in comics today. Hell, even the conversations between random people in a certain scene are damnably interesting (and one is just a little bit sexy. Weird sexy, but sexy).

Bendis is also something of a decent artist. This being a crime genre piece, he leans heavily on the inks and dark shadows, and while his character designs on some of the bit players look a little too similar, he has really fleshed out the characters of Jinx, Goldfish and, Columbia, giving them individual looks, facial expressions (Goldfish always looks like a hapless loser, and from his facial expressions, he knows it) and even a unique style of movement in the panels.

As far as I'm concerned, Bendis is also the master of mixed media, because he uses some interesting devices in his art. Bendis uses several models for his character design, but beyond that, puts their actual photos right into the book, just adding dialogue.

He even used some real life locations for backgrounds and such (and in an article in the back of the book, he tells you how he almost got arrested during the photo-shoot). Several full sequences use only this Xerox-method, but it never feels out of place alongside the standard pen-and-ink. All it does is add another level of greatness to an already gorgeous story.

I love this freaking book. It is an incredibly rich story, and I don't mean just in content: this collection is over 400 pages ("Sweet Dr. Manhattan, that's thicker than Watchmen!" said the astounded fanboy) and sports more special features than a Super Special Gold Edition DVD version 1.5.

There is a "Making of Jinx" section, penned by Bendis himself, as he explains what it took to get Jinx done, as well as sketches by Michael Avon Oeming that were to be the basis of a Jinx animated series. A script for the pilot episode of the aforementioned animated show appears, as well pictures of some of Bendis' models, not to mention an art gallery of Jinx art and pin-ups done by a multitude of artists including: Dan Brereton, P. Craig Russell, Oeming, Adam Warren, David Mack, and many others. It's like Bendis threw a party and admission was a Jinx pin-up.

Image has put together a nice looking volume for Bendis, and pricing it at $25 is like selling the Mona Lisa for a dime and a song. This is a book that should be in everyone's collection. Read it, love it, and then use it's sheer bulk to book-end the rest of your collection (unless you're one of those damn people who has to alphabetize everything, damn collators!).

Jinx: The Definitive Collection

Robert Sparling

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