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The Other Side of ComicCon Friday:
more notes from Mish'al Samman

If you're into mecha and manga and Star Wars and bears oh my, then really, Mish'al's reports are for you. Much deeper into panels and partying than this old man, Meesh has some news of note, in particular for those who are really into Dark Horse's Star Wars work.

What's new with Robotech for 2004?
Not a danged thing. Yet.

After stumbling into ComicCon a tad late, I decided to skip the pleasantries and hellos to my new friends on the convention floor to go straight to work and start attending more panels.

Unfortunately I missed out on the Robotech stuff but after talking with someone at Harmony Gold and some attendees of the panel, I guess I didn't miss much. All the big news was already out last year, and the Robotech website is all they really have. But guys, what about the new TV series?

My first (attended) panel turned out to be highly entertaining and fun. The creators and writers from the Transformers cartoon hosted the panel. Buzz, Flint, Barry, and Earl made for some interesting Q&A discussion.

While many of the questions where directed to who audience favorites were, a cool experience was the look back into what it took to make this epic show by the creators themselves, the ups and downs of it all, and the occasional freelancer who thankfully never made it.

Even the makers of Beast Machines expressed their relief when someone yelled out "Armada sucks!" saying, "For years it was Beast Wars sucks, so thank you."

An appearance by Mr. Grimlock himself (Gregg Berger) raised cheers as he demonstrated just how a King Dinobot would say his trademark line, before walking back to his seat in the audience.

When the topic of the "Return of Optimus Prime" came up, it was said that Hasbro made a boo-boo. When sales declined for his toy, they gave the okay to axe him in the movie, not knowing the repercussions of this act and the 15 billion fan mails expressing shock, anger, or demanding his return. Quickly Hasbro contacted the creators of G.I.Joe The Movie, and told them to change the ending before release. Why? Duke was supposed to die in the end, hence a poorly dubbed "Duke's gonna be OK" that was slapped into the last scene.

And then Hasbro turned back and told the Transformers guys, you have 2 weeks to bring Optimus back, and also have an appearance of over 300 characters to boot. So while the first movie made even me cry at the historic moment, what about a Transformers 2? As far as these guys know, there isn't a Transformers movie coming out anytime soon, although it could be possible with today's technologies. (Though a live-action film is in the planning - Derek.)

Next it was off to Dark Horse Comics: Star Wars, and see what was up with them. And so far, a lot of things are happening.

As the Battle of Jabiim will come to an end, some titles will start disappearing and new ones will arise; okay, granted that sounded cheesy when reading it here, but it was much more dramatic when they mentioned this to us.

Just a hunka hunka burning bantha poodoo.

By popular demand of forum writers, Tales will have an issue dedicated solely to the dark side in September. Then 18 will be about Boba, and in 19 Haden Blackman will be writing a Han Solo story that may "piss off the fans;" honestly folks that what they said, and he nodded in agreement. What the heck that means is anyone's guess. Then Randy Stradley will take over Tales after issue 20.

No new news on a new Tag & Bink story, as everyone is just too busy, and reprinting probably wont happen for technical comic-publisher-talk I really don't get, something about Tag & Bink only being 2 issues, and doesn't warrant a paperback, and you have to mix it with another funny story, and not a serious one. . . something like that. This news was what I cared about most because I think Tag & Bink is a hilarious strip, and Mr. Rubio..err, Kevin, should do more.

A couple of other big news items were a possible adaptation of The Clone Wars TV series (you'll see why below), and then a new 10 issue run 10 months before Episode 3, that leads the limited series directly into the movie. There will also be an issue of Republic where Anakin will have to fight alongside "or against?" Tusken Raider Jedi A'Sharad Hett in October. . . Ooo, the tension is building, along with Anakin's drama!

Jedi will have a couple more featured Jedi, ending probably with Dooku. Another title in the works has no name yet, but follows the life of a stormtrooper. This Trooper series will end inevitably in the Deathstar, and I guess with a bang. Finally in November, look for a Star Wars issue with a tagline "99% Fewer Ewoks." As long as Gungans don't show up in abundance, we're fine, guys.

Han & Leia's love story was the one shot issue for Valentine's 2003. Luke and Mara will be 2004's story.

After that exciting bit of info about the clone wars, I was off to Udon's Street Fighter panel. Joining the panel a bit late were the Chen sisters Christina & Jo (Battle of the Planets/Witchblade). Erik Ko and Co. talked about how Udon got started, the name, and then the deal that got them Street Fighter. "Last Shot" raised a pretty interesting question but with everyone booked solid, and there being no funds, there will be no plans to continue, but Long Vo did say that he wanted to finish it, even if it were a free online thing.

Hmmm, I wonder if the higher ups know this?

Although these talents come off as though they all do reside under one roof, Erik did assure us that "no, we do not all live together" Ahh, but some of you do, Erik. This panel had so much of a family feel to it, that you can feel the synergy and closeness these guys emit in their work that make it all too mind-blowing and fluid. Sentinel writer Sean McKeever sat behind me and was introduced during the panel. I later talked to him briefly about how much I enjoyed his work on Sentinel and how Japanese I thought it was. Even if his intent was not to have it as mangasized as I thought it was, THAT was due to the Japanese flavor the Udon pencilers put into the art.

Feeling extremely hungry at this point I went back down to get some food and found the opportunity to go harass those guys at Devil's Due and ask for some art. I should have done that on Wednesday, but didn't.

Between Clint Hilinski (Voltron) and Tim Seeley (G.I. Joe) telling funny stories, and where the party is going to be at tonight to each other during penciling my sketchbook, I cursed my ethic as I am even now contemplating reprinting some of these hysterical comments… But then you know that would incriminate me as well. (see me later, people - Derek)

Alas, my break was over and I headed upstairs to watch The Clone Wars panel, and as they showed the first scene, I gawked in awe. I profess that I don't really care for Samurai Jack, but maybe it was the Star Wars fan in me that said "Holy Bantha Poodoo, this is so rad!"

Moments after this picture was taken, the stormtroopers launched into a thrilling rendition of "Hey, Big Spender..."

With the scene opening up with Yoda riding a birdlike Tauntaun, waving his lightsaber in a charging fashion, you automatically get sucked into the story, even if it is for only three minutes. It is quite fast paced, and so many visuals stick out. With the crowd laughing at Palpatine's menacing features, and when you see Anakin and Padme give each other looks of puppy love the circle will now be complete and you can rest assured that for many, this is an event to experience.

The panel started, and the focus of discussion was not to give too much away. There are, after all, 20 episodes of 3 minute shorts divided equally between Mark and Brian Andrews to draw. What they were unable to touch was mainly the love story, which they claim they have ways around. Durge the bounty hunter will be in it, and loads of Dooku's cronies.

Despite the nervousness of the creative team not having the original movie cast doing the voices, it ended up being the least of their worries. At least until Anthony Daniels asked why he wasn't asked. I guess you should always let the Droid win, eh?

So for all you fans out there, C3PO is the real C3PO, but why the Samurai Jack team? "Lucas Loves Samurai Jack!"

After the panel was over I witnessed something pretty interesting, remember the comment in the Dark Horse panel about the comic adaptation? Well the big corporation does it again. No one was talking to anyone on the other side, and they were introduced right there at The Clone Wars premiere. So will we be seeing an adaptation? Guess we will wait and see.

There were rumors at this point that Mish'al was about to be dragged over the border by some of the guys at Image, but a timely pair of ripped pants prevented that. Though we both attended Mark Hamill's evening panel, The Meesh disappeared shortly thereafter. At 1:30 a.m., after I had returned to my hotel room from My Dinner With Stan, came a lone text message: "Who is Neil Gaiman?" And I suffered my first aneurysm of the week.

Mish'al Samman

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