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Hey Kids! Trade Paperbacks!

You have to hand it to CrossGen. This is a company dedicated to making it easy for you to read their comics. If you miss the monthly books, you can get them in digest form, or on-line, or of course, that ever handy standby, the trade paperback.

As should be expected, they package their trades nicely. In the last month, these are the collections that crossed our path (not to be confused with crossing The Path):

Negation V. 1: Bohica
I remember being very excited the day Negation #1 came out. As I read it, I thought that Crossgen had a brilliant concept on their hands. They'd taken characters and species from many of their other titles and placed them in the setting of a prison. Under the guidance of Obregon Kaine, a military officer with a secret in his past, I thought Crossgen had provided fans with the comic book equivalent of "The Great Escape" for a new generation. At the very least it would be a sci-fi "Hogan's Heroes."

Imagine how surprised I was when all the prisoners escaped in the first issue.

Even if my expectations didn't pan out, Negation hooked me with top notch story telling. A rag-tag group of escaped prisoners struggle to gain freedom while being pursued by the Negation, the police of the Universe, and the warden of their former prison.

BOHICA (which is an amusing little acronym you'll come to learn along the way) is the first volume collecting Negation #1-6 and the prequel issue. The only downside to buying this collection is that it is so good you'll need to buy future volumes.

Sojourn v. 2: The Dragon's Tale
Can't get enough of stories with dragons and trolls? Crossgen's Sojourn, tells the epic tale of Arwen's quest to get revenge against the tyrannical ruler of her world, Mordath, that is responsible for the death of her husband and daughter. The story is similar, albeit far simpler, to the works of Tolkein and Terry Brooks. Along her travels, our heroine and her dog pick up a roguish companion similar in mold to Han Solo. Their classic fantasy adventure promises to be a long and hard fought battle against evil and a tale of romance along the way wouldn't surprise me.

A Dragon's Tale is the second collection of Sojourn stories but most of what has happened previously is thoroughly recapped. Having already had her perfectly toned but handed to her by Mordath, Arwen and Gareth must collect the five pieces of the weapon that previously defeated Mordath. The first of these pieces is rumored to be among the collected treasure of a mythical dragon. Hence the name, A Dragon's Tale.

I highly recommend you give Sojourn a try as it is a simple, yet enjoyable story that I proudly purchase month after month. It's not only entertaining but Greg Land's art is some of the best in comics today. Several panels will leave you drooling and I'm not just talking about the aforementioned tight butted heroine.

Meridian v. 3: Taking the Skies
When Crossgen opened shop and began publishing, one of their flagship titles was Meridian.

It is initially the story of two brothers, Turos and Ilahn. Each is the ruler of their own floating island on the planet Demetria. However, Ilahn is evil and power hungry. He has been slowly poisoning his brother for quite some time. When the mysterious beings that grant powers to a chosen few in the Crossgen universe show up to give Turos and Ilahn sigils, Turos is too weakened by poison to survive the branding. Instead his powers are transfer to his daughter Sephie.

Sephie must travel to the various lands of her home world to gather allies to stop her murdering uncle before he becomes the sole ruler of Demetria. Add Sephie's struggle to deal with her new found powers, her heartthrob love interest Jad who now finds himself lower on Sephie's priority list and Sephie's own coming of age process to the story and the result is a multilayered adventure the whole family can enjoy. Although Meridian quite often feels as if it is written for teen girls, there are enough battles and fantasy elements to keep boys (and grown men) entertained too.

Taking the Skies details Sephie's return home and her first fight with Ilahn. If you're interested in Meridian, you should pick up volume #1 and #2 first. The story has progressed enough that you'd have to read them in order.

Crux v. 2: Test of Time
Crux is the only title in the Crossgen universe line of comics that is set on Earth, but it's not the Earth we know. The story begins ages ago on Atlantis. The Atlanteans are a technologically advanced people divided by philosophies. Most Atlanteans are preparing to leave Earth in a ceremony called The Transition. They believe this is their next evolutionary step, but a minority of Atlanteans believe they should remain on Earth and help Shepard the humans (hey, that's us!) as they evolve.

When a mysterious cataclysm plunges Atlantis beneath the sea, six - and only six - were awakened by a mysterious stranger one thousand centuries later to find Atlantis in ruins on the ocean floor, Earth abandoned by the humans and an army called the Negation attacking them at every opportunity.

Test of Time finds our handful of heroes fighting Negation troops and searching for the humans. It isn't long before they discover a small colony of humans living on Australia. Do they know where the rest of the population went or is there a greater mystery at work as the Australians seem to be preparing for a ceremony called The Transition.

Crux is another Crossgen title that I gladly spend my money on each month. Like Meridian though, the series has been running for a while now and it's complex enough that you can't just jump right into volume #2 and figure it out. Check out volume #1: Atlantis Rising.

Not ready to drop your hard earned cash on Crossgen's latest trade paperbacks? Hop on over to Crossgen.com. For only a small monthly fee you can view their entire library of back issues. Tell 'em Fanboyplanet.com sent you!

Michael Goodson

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