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First Look At X-Men #130

Argh. I always thought I wanted my favorite comics to come out bi-weekly, but now that they do -- man, what a hit on the budget. But still, twice as much Morrison can never be a bad thing. The shorter the gap between issues, the less likely you are to stop and realize you're confused.

We met the gracious Bill on our last day of the San Diego Comic-Con, and true to his word, we are now legitimized in Marvel's eyes. Thank you, Bill.

Here's what Bill has to say, with pictures interspersed. You know the drill: click on the pics to see them blown up to a nice droolable size.

Hey, True Believer!

Just like you, we love the mighty mutants. And just like you we also count the days until the next issue of their wild adventures arrives. In fact, sometimes we just can't wait and ship two issues in one month! And that's exactly what we're doing in August! Yes, this month we have not one, but two issues of NEW X-MEN -- written by the great Grant Morrison -- ready to go!

Up first is NEW X-MEN #130, featuring a killer cover by Ethan Van Sciver and intricate interior art by Igor Kordey. Looking at the following pages you'll see two things: 1. The Weapon XII story is coming to it's crazed conclusion; and 2. Something extremely painful is being done to Wolverine!

As for what exactly is waiting for Phantomex and Logan... well, I guess we'll all just have to wait until the issue hits on August 14th!

Your Man @ Marvel,
Bill Rosemann
Marketing Communications Manager
Marvel Comics

Without looking at the pictures, just roll that phrase around: something extremely painful is being done to Wolverine. Discuss.

Derek McCaw

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