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First Look At Wolverine: Netsuke

It's been a busy week in Bill Rosemann's office, and it's only Tuesday.

First, Marvel announced their domination of the sales charts for September. According to figures released this week by Diamond Comics Distributors, direct market orders have placed Marvel with 50 of the top 100 books for next month. A few robots in disguise keep them from being the complete top ten, and DC has managed to wedge JLA and Green Arrow in some high rankings, too. Nonetheless, it's an impressive achievement, and thankfully, Marvel has been matching their popularity with quality.

Case in point: among those Marvels in the top 50 is this mini-series starring everyone's favorite Canadian mutant (with apologies to Shaman fans everywhere). It looks to be a beauty, as is usual with work by the sublime George Pratt. The book will be released next Wednesday, September 4. (Due to Labor Day, Americans probably won't get this one until Thursday, September 5.)

From the desk of Bill Rosemann:

August 27, 2002

War is a horrific concept. But artists throughout the centuries have also -- through sheer talent -- captured beauty amidst terror. Such is the case with WOLVERINE: NETSUKE, the all-new, four-part, fully-painted mini-series written and illustrated by George Pratt. The first issue - which returns Logan to samurai surroundings -- goes on sale September 4th... but you can feast your eyes on the cover and three interior pages right now!

Your Man @ Marvel,
Bill Rosemann
Marketing Communications Manager
Marvel Comics

And by the way, Marvel also announced that in the U-Decide competition, pre-orders indicate Bill Jemas' Marville is the winner so far. Of course, it also has three covers to Captain Marvel's two, with Ultimate Adventures trailing behind. Still, the proof will be in the pudding, or at least in Jemas' take on the DC Universe.

Derek McCaw

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