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What If... Age of Ultron Could Sell More Books!
Marvel History Is Re-Written In April!

I kid, I kid. In this round of What If...? (still one of my favorite concepts in comics), writer Joe Keatinge gets to use Ultron as the focal point, wiping key players out of key events in Marvel history. It will make for a far more specific set of stories than the last few rounds of What If have, and it has the bonus effect of sharing a title with a movie coming out next summer.

Well played, Marvel, well played. And with Joe writing it (we've known Joe since his days at Image), we have no doubt it won't just be clever marketing, but also really good comics.

From Marvel:

If you thought the Age of Ultron turned the Marvel Universe on its head, you won’t believe what will happen in WHAT IF: AGE OF ULTRON, a mind-bending  five-part series from Marvel Comics!

They say one person can truly make a difference, and that statement couldn’t ring truer for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. So what if another founding Avenger had died in the Golden Age of Heroes instead of Hank Pym? Could the reality we know endure without one of its strongest pillars? The short answer is—NO!

Each issue of WHAT IF: AGE OF ULTRON explores a Marvel Universe without one of it’s greatest champions. Imagine—an Armor Wars without IRON MAN! A RAGNAROK without THOR! A country without CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Written by rising star Joe Keatinge (Marvel Knights: Hulk, Morbius: The Living Vampire) and an assembly of tomorrow’s hottest artists, WHAT IF: AGE OF ULTRON hits hard with its twisted takes on the Marvel Universe!

Was the Age of Ultron truly the darkest reality that the Avengers could endure? Find out this April, as Marvel burns the rulebook in WHAT IF: AGE OF ULTRON!

Derek McCaw

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