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First Look At The Vision #1

During a panel with Geoff Johns (hosted by the Distinguished Competition), Joe Kelly joked that the hot writer takes about a day to write a comic, and is about two years ahead in his continuity. He'd have to be with all the stuff he has on his plate. After a cool Morlocks mini-series and being hip-deep in a Thing mini, Johns tacks on another mini-series with The Vision, while still juggling four regular monthly books…for now.

Believe it or not, he also gives quality to match his quantity. It seems the only thing slowing him down is artists' schedules. So check this one out next week, and for now, feast your eyes on the artwork provided by Marvel. You know the drill -- click on each picture to see the larger version.

From Bill Rosemann:

Hey, True Believer!

With the Avengers comprised of so many members -- and with many of them being such powerful personalities -- we often get the itch to give certain characters the spotlight to strut their stuff. Luckily, smart folks like sr. editor Tom Brevoort come up with ideas like giving the Vision his own mini-series -- and assigning it to Earth's Mightiest Heroes' new writer Geoff Johns. The result is AVENGERS ICONS: THE VISION, a four-issue adventure phasing into your local comics shop on August 14th.

"This series is going to have a lasting impact on the Vision, both in how he acts and how he's visualized," Tom recently told me. "I don't want to say any more, but the Vision's storyline seques back to December's AVENGERS #61, so it'll have some lasting consequences, even though his mini-series can be read and enjoyed completely on its own."

I was lucky enough to have been given an advance copy of issue #1 to read, and let me tell you, this is shaping up to be a definitive look at the sensational synthezoid! Just feast your eyes on the interior art by Ivan Reis -- not to mention the computer-generated cover by Brian Haberlin -- and you'll see that you're in for... well, a wonderful vision!

Your Man @ Marvel,
Bill Rosemann
Marketing Communications Manager
Marvel Comics

Derek McCaw

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