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First Look At The Ultimates #6

At Comic-Con, Kurt Busiek revealed that one of his reasons for leaving The Avengers (besides having little left to say about the characters -- for now) was his feeling that The Ultimates was somehow competition. Granted, there have been rumors of an Ultimazation of the Marvel Universe, but both books have their strengths, especially with the eager anticipation of Geoff Johns coming on The Avengers.

Though I didn't get around to reviewing it, The Ultimates #5 rocked. From The Hulk's motivation (destroy Freddie Prinze, Jr.) to Captain America's disdainful kick to Banner's head, Millar and Hitch proved that this isn't just another Avengers.

Between John Ney Rieber and Mark Millar, we're also seeing a Captain America that makes more sense as a soldier and a man without losing the things that make the Star-Spangled Avenger a worthy icon for the Marvel Universe.

It's not a competition, but Millar and Hitch have consistently delivered a solid and somewhat thought-provoking book. Our Man@Marvel, Bill Rosemann, promises that this week will be no different. And look, kids, it's ON TIME!

From Bill Rosemann:

The Hulk's rampage through Times Square is over. But that doesn't mean that victory comes free of consequences... or that suffering remains on the battlefield. Just take a look at the opening pages of THE ULTIMATES #6 and you'll see that -- in this series -- violence has its repercussions. And when you read the entire issue on August 14th you'll also learn that Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch have some painful plans for America's newest strike force!

Your Man @ Marvel,
Bill Rosemann
Marketing Communications Manager
Marvel Comics

Derek McCaw

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