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Rising Stars Returning!

You know, I dig Supreme Power quite a bit. But if I had to choose between J. Michael Straczynski's superhero books, Rising Stars would probably even beat Amazing Spider-Man. So here at Fanboy Planet, we greet this news with jubilation. If we weren't so tired from Comic-Con, we might even be dancing.

From Top Cow:

The men and women of Rising Stars have returned. The eagerly-awaited conclusion to this 24-part story will be released by Top Cow Productions this fall, as Rising Stars #22 is scheduled to ship to stores in October, #23 in November, and #24 in January. Readers can get a sneak preview of the 1st eight pages of Rising Stars #22 by picking up Humankind #1, on sale in August. Written by J. Michael Stracynzski and drawn by Brent Anderson, Rising Stars tells the tale of the ‘Specials’ from Pederson, Illinois, where in 1969 a flash from the sky blessed the 113 children in utero with special powers.

“We’ve got all the remaining scripts in hand, and JMS does a great job in tying up all the loose ends to this story,” says Top Cow Managing Editor Renae Geerlings. “It’s a great ending; I think everyone’s going to love it!” The preview of Rising Stars #22 will appear in Humankind #1, which ships with 3 equal covers by Tony Daniel, Marc Silvestri, and Greg Land, as well as a special sketch cover incentive book for advance ticket holders of the Wizard World Chicago convention this August.

As a special treat, Top Cow is including a four page “What Happened Before” synopsis in Rising Stars #22 to immerse readers in the layered storyline that led up to this issue. “The challenge of so many cool characters is keeping up with the individual storylines, but Stracynzski pulls it off beautifully,” says Joel Elad, Director of Marketing. “We hope this bonus will encourage fans far and wide to pick it up and enjoy the magic.”

Once Rising Stars #24 has shipped, Top Cow will release the 5 issue miniseries, Rising Stars Untouchable, written by Fiona Avery and penciled by Brent Anderson. This miniseries will cover the story of Laurel Darkhaven that wasn’t shown in the regular pages of Rising Stars.

Derek McCaw

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