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Sparks #1 Hits The iTunes Store!
Michael Pare Voices Catastrophic's Noir Superhero

January 15, 2009 marks the day things changed for comics.

Independent publisher Catastrophic Comics has launched a new motion comic on the iTunes store. Produced by company founders William Katt and Christopher Folino (who also wrote the book), the new app for the iPhone and iTouch brings the first issue of their inaugural title to life, with the complete story to be retold and released over seven chapters.

Animating series artist JM Ringuet's original panels, this app brings the first issue to life. Lead character Ian Sparks gets his voice from actor Michael Pare, from Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire and, of course, The Greatest American Hero. Katt joins in later as the mysterious Archer, while industry vets Michael Bell (co-directing with Folino), Charlie Brill and others lend their voices to a variety of characters.

The critically acclaimed Sparks has seen four issues hit comics shops so far, telling the story of would-be superhero Ian Sparks, an heroic soul whose flesh turns out to be much weaker than his spirit. Even though he tries to turn his back on crime, the past has a way of clawing at him.

Each episode will sell for 99 cents, and Sparks may be only the beginning for the company's move to Apple's platform. The first independent publisher to turn to this unique distribution method, Catastrophic Comics paves the way for a whole new way to enjoy comics.

Follow this link to the Apple Store, and let us know what you think!


Derek McCaw

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