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Don Bluth Blasts Off...

Well, thanks to the folks at CrossGen, I finally know how the Space Ace game ended. For resolving that open wound from my '80's psyche, I am grateful.

As promised by last week's release of art from Dragon's Lair, here comes a comic based on Don Bluth's other groundbreaking videogame. If fantasy isn't your bag, there's always science fiction.

From Our Friend @ CrossGen, Bill Rosemann:

Twenty years ago, master artist Don Bluth (An American Tail) rocketed arcades into orbit by blending feature-quality animation with revolutionary computer game play. Now, on August 20th, everyone who loves the Bluth art
style is invited once again to a universe of lasers, star ships and astro-babes! Completing the DRAGON'S LAIR one-two punch, MVCreations and CrossGen proudly present SPACE ACE: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE #1!

Based on the hit SF-based arcade game, the six-issue mini-series heralds the return of cosmic hero Space Ace, galactic hottie Kimmy and their newly adopted -- and age regressed -- bundle of joy Baby Borf! Picking up right where the video game left off, our cosmic couple is looking forward to some quality time... but that's hard to do when the effects of the Infanto Ray keep de-aging Ace into the pint-sized Dexter! And to top that off, they're being hunted by a dastardly villain who may hold the cure to Ace's chaotic condition!

"Working with Don Bluth has truly been a dream come true," stated MVCreations group editor Leanne Shaw. "It's thrilling to collaborate with someone who's had such an impact both on the way we see animation and also on how animation itself is now created. Don's films practically reinvigorated animation in the early '80s and '90s, and his films and video
games pioneered the limits of technology within the animation process."

"It's a tremendous honor to be working with Don and the entire Bluth Group," continued Shaw. "They've been such a key role in developing the story as well as hand-picking the entire art teams for both titles. Both SPACE ACE and DRAGON'S LAIR are absolutely gorgeous series that look more like animated movies than comic books."

"Writer Robert Kirkman (Invincible) brings a quirky and witty side to the entire adventure, incorporating everything we love about space operas and seamlessly blending it with humor and unbelievable comedic timing," said MVCreations president Val Staples. "Robert is joined by penciler Paulo Borges, who is a newcomer to American audiences. Paulo is a former Disney artist, whose work has appeared in Europe and South America; he jumped ship to work with Don Bluth on the project of a lifetime! Meanwhile, colorists Pat Duke and Grafiksismik have pulled out all the stops to create an eye-popping color palette that will just blow you away! This will definitely be a book that will stand out from the crowd!"

There's just not time for thumbnails today, but we have uploaded the artwork.Click on the links below to see the art in full color glory.

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Derek McCaw

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