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George Perez In Spaaaaaacceeeee...

Okay. We're still a ways off from JLA/Avengers, but George Perez is enough ahead on it that he was able to launch this series from CrossGen.

Why read it? If you're not a CrossGen fan, you might be drawn by the Perez art, and the exploration of virtual reality that in some ways feels like what The Matrix Reloaded should have been.

If you are into CrossGen (which is probably why you've read this far), it looks like some of the big answers of the CrossGen Universe will be found in this book, without your needing to actually be knee-deep in the rest of the line. (Though we recommend it...)

And then again, there's just that really great Perez art.

From Our Friend @ CrossGen, Bill Rosemann:

So far we've seen him draw virtual reality chaos, hellish hounds and barbarian battles...now George Pérez continues his tour through the CrossGen Universe with a standalone sci-fi thriller in the pages of SOLUS #4! Comics Buyer's Guide gave this series an "A", and now -- on June 18th -- you can join Pérez, writer Barbara Kesel, inker Rick Magyar and colorist Larry Molinar as the enigmatic Andra Radiant continues to steal sigils and drop jaws!

Derek McCaw

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