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Preview: John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles

Snake Plissken lives.

That may be all you need to know. But this week at Comic-Con, we'll get the proof as Hurricane Entertainment previews John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles. Set for release in the Spring of 2003, the comic book will be the first stage in a massive relaunch of the character, seen in Carpenter's films Escape From New York and Escape From L.A..

According to Debra Hill, producer of those movies, "Our goal is to brand Snake Plissken like other movie or comic book icons such as Spider-Man, Batman and Superman starting with the new Comic from Hurricane. In addition to the comic, 2003 and 2004 will see a release of novels, a Japanese Anime feature and a video game. A new DVD collection of Escape From New York will be coming out next spring from MGM. It will feature missing footage, lots of new commentary and interviews from the original 'Escapees,' as well as some surprises that will make Snake fans very happy."

For right now, they might not be able to get much happier than the announced comics series. With input from Hill, John Carpenter and Snake himself, Kurt Russell, the team from fan-favorite Violent Messiahs will be chronicling Snake's adventures. Hurricane partner William O'Neill will write the book, with pencils by Tone Rodriguez.

Of Rodriguez' artwork so far for the book, Carpenter enthused, "They're great. We've got a great artist here. I grew up with comic books, going way back, and I was always interested in the art. So I'm very delighted, very delighted."

Hurricane Entertainment's press release describes the book this way: "The comic series, which begins 'Early the next day...' continues the first story of Snake Plissken, a once respected, highly decorated 'Defender of the American Dream' who encountered a nightmare, the likes of which no one could ever image, or experience. What emerged is a man who is not a loner, but one who realizes that we are all, in fact, alone…and he is completely comfortable in this knowledge. Snake is a cool, dark and dangerous escape 'artist' - who always gets the last laugh, because he ultimately knows that the joke is on himself."

Fans of the character will remember that at the end of Escape From L.A., Plissken caused a global electro-magnetic pulse that wiped out all power. It's a little unclear from the description where the series will fit, as prequel or sequel.

CEO of Hurricane Jan Utstein-O'Neill offered, ""We are very excited at the potential of this project and the chance to work with such esteemed talent as John, Debra and Kurt. It's not often that you get the opportunity to take such a well known and an iconic figure as Snake and explore new adventures along with his creators."

O'Neill, Rodriguez, and Hill will all be on hand to sign the special San Diego Preview Edition, which contains a look at the art along with an exclusive interview with John Carpenter. The signing will be on Friday, August 2, and Hurricane Entertainment asks that you check their booth, #1235c, for exact times.

Welcome to the human race.

Hurricane Entertainment talks to Fanboy Planet about Snake Plissken here...

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