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Stand In The Shadow Of OZ:
Kickstarter For All-Star OZ Tarot Deck

Oh, how dare friends of Fanboy Planet start a Kickstarter campaign when the editor is out of town? Ah, well. That's my passive-aggressive way of apologizing that we did not run with this on Saturday morning when it launched.

At any rate, Illogical Associates, a new publishing company that has followed a twisted yellow brick road from Illusive Arts Entertainment to many years in the Burning Desert before becoming something brand new in 2013, will be publishing a revival and continuation of Illusive Arts' title Dorothy.

But as they hunkered down to get that going, this nifty idea occurred to them and sparked the imagination of a lot of artists who wanted to come on board.

Who, you ask? Ben Templesmith, Chandra Free, Christopher Jones, Darick Robertson, Drew Johnson, Emonic, Eric Shanower, Gaz Gretzky, Giles Crawford, Greg Espinoza, Jay Fabares, Jimmie Robinson, Kori Thompson, Olympia Maxenchs, Paul Gulacy, Ray Snyder,  Rob Wilson, Steve Leialoha, and Trina Robbins will all be contributing their talents to help Illogical Associates partners Anna Warren Cebrian and Mark Masterson create a creepy OZ-based Tarot Deck that will also serve to remind you of Dorothy.


Many of those names should be familiar, but we'll highlight a few for you. Darick Robertson recently finished Happy with Grant Morrison for Image Comics, as well as co-created The Boys with Garth Ennis. Eric Shanower, of course, has won Eisners for writing Marvel's adaptations of the original OZ novels, as well as written and drawn several OZ stories himself. Greg Espinoza masterfully drew the Image graphic novel PUG, among other things. Jimmie Robinson may be best known for Bomb Queen, but has recently received acclaim for Five Weapons.

Trina Robbins -- well, she's a pioneer and a legend. Another legend onboard is Paul Gulacy, about to be rediscovered for his long ago work on Deathlok and his Star Wars graphic novels for Dark Horse, Crimson Empire I and II.

And then there's Gaz Gretzky. We love Gaz.

If we've missed anybody, believe us, you will discover their work in this deck and be enchanted, ensorcelled and perhaps highly magnified.

Several levels of participation will be available until March 16, 2014. Check out the trailer below and then follow the widget to join the campaign! General Jinjur would approve.




Derek McCaw

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