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Archard...Murderer? Or Is It Just A ...RUSE?

Well, well, well. Again CrossGen manages to tie their announcements to the news just perfectly. It's almost as if it were planned...

When Ruse started, it was heavy on mystery and mindplay in the tradition of Victorian luminaries such as Sherlock Holmes...if Holmes had had to occasionally chase off gargoyles. Original writer Mark Waid had clearly been building toward something climactic which thus far has had only some payoff.

However, in Scott Beatty's hands, the title has become something more akin to the early pulps. It's a slightly different tradition, and a slightly different direction, but it's starting to grow on me. I might not go as far as Comics International does in the release below, but it's still a fun book.

From Your Friend@CrossGen:

Why is Simon Archard, Partington's #1 Son, now Public Enemy #1?

Is the master detective in truth a cold-blooded killer?

And if he isn't, can Emma Bishop solve the mystery before her jailed partner faces execution?

Find out on June 25th when writer Scott Beatty, penciler Butch Guice, inker Michael Perkins and colorist Laura Martin present RUSE #21, the latest chapter in the series Comics International calls "consistently as good as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"!

Maybe Comics International means the movie version...

Derek McCaw

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