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Jump on Route 666...With Number 13...

If you're already having withdrawals from the loss of Buffy, you need to be reading this book. If you hated Buffy, you need to be reading this book. There's something for both sides.

Route 666 has taken iconic images of fifties horror films and run them through a blender without losing any of what made them memorably cool. You might smirk on one page, and then be totally grossed out by the next.

And though it also has ties to the greater CrossGen universe, it's easy to forget that. Instead, the trials of Cassie make her somewhat unique in the overall line. Plus series writer Tony Bedard has added in a tribute to Tod Browning's Freaks as a crucial plot development, which raises it a step even higher.

Of course, we've long known that CrossGen makes it easy for you to catch up with their books once you find out you like a title. And so they wanted us to let you know that if you haven't yet travelled down Route 666...issue #13 is the time to start. (Ignore those other sites they mention...)

From Our Friend @ CrossGen, Bill Rosemann:

When the first ROUTE 666 graphic novel recently hit, you may have heard a buzz building.

Calling it "an enjoyably creepy road trip," Publisher's Weekly applauded the title's "canny blend of action, menace and humor."

Handing it a grade of A-, Comics Buyer's Guide remarked that "the story moves along at a brisk pace, the action scenes are exciting, the grotesquery is well placed and the slick artwork will appeal to fans of both mainstream and horror comics."

Dubbing it "happy retro horror," BPM magazine crowned it "way more fun than freeze-framing gory scenes from Return of the Living Dead!"

Zentertainment.com raved that "ROUTE 666 reminds me of a Stephen King novel...(with) a mix of action, suspense, character development, crackling dialogue, humor and above all, weird supernatural happenings."

Comix View stated that "now that Buffy is off the tube, one of the best places for horror comics fans to head is down ROUTE 666!"

Go-Girl.com said "Look out Wolverine, Cassie from ROUTE 666 has a sixth sense and fights werewolves and spirits -- and does so in style. She, like the other (CrossGen female heroes), shows girls how to face up to their fears and stand up for what they believe in."

Finally, decreeing that it "offers more solid bang for the buck than any other horror comic on the market, bar none, " ComicBookGalaxy.com said "whether your taste for terror leans more toward Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lucifer or Hellboy, this is one comic that all fans of the genre should be reading."

So if you're ready to let writer Tony Bedard, Fray penciler Karl Moline, inker Drew Geraci and colorist Nick Bell take you for a wild ride, you should grab ROUTE 666 #13. On sale June 18th, the latest chapter in the life of Cassie Starkweather -- the troubled teen who's either a psycho killer or psychic savior -- opens with a quick recap supplying everything you need to know to head down this horrific and hilarious highway!

Derek McCaw

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