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Countdown To Comic-Con 2004:
Penny-Farthing Press

With less than ten days until "The San Diego Show" (we work to keep Mr. Chaykin happy...), the press releases are a-coming to tell us who we should be looking for on the floor.

Two years ago at Comic-Con, Mike Kunkel got the Eisner for Best Title For a Younger Audience (he got it in 2003, too) for his amazing Herobear and the Kid. It was good timing for Penny-Farthing Press, because Kunkel and Courtney Huddleston had teamed up for a cross-over between the super-powered polar bear and Huddleston's alien shape-changer, Decoy. But Kunkel has been a busy man, and it's taken two years to get to the long-awaited second issue of Field Trip -- which Penny-Farthing Press will have available at the Con this year. With a twist...

From Penny-Farthing Press:

Penny-Farthing Press (PFP) announced recently that 1000 attendees of the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con International will be able to purchase the special Decoy and Herobear and the Kid in Field Trip: Exclusive Convention Edition. Fans will also be able to watch the creators/artists render custom-drawn covers from July 22 through July 25.

“Field Trip, Part 1 debuted at Comic-Con in 2002,” Decoy creator/penciller and Field Trip collaborator Courtney Huddleston explained. “With two years in between the two parts, we wanted to do something special for the fans who have waited so long to see the story’s completion. We’ve left the cover blank so that every fan will receive a different book. No two books will be alike.”

Decoy and Herobear and the Kid in Field Trip, is a crossover project combining the characters and talents of Huddleston and Mike Kunkel of Astonish Comics. The story chronicles the meeting of two separate comic worlds in an effort to uncover the mystery of an old house and a frightening old woman. Field Trip, Part 1 met with critical acclaim after its 2002 release and combined the fan groups following the works of Huddleston and Kunkel.

“When Mike and I first proposed the idea for a crossover,” Huddleston continued, “we discovered that we really had the same audience in mind for our work. Both books centered on buddies, humor, and justice.”

Huddleston’s creation, Decoy, follows a shape-shifting alien on his adventures with a rookie cop, and since its appearance in 1999, the book has become a fan favorite. In addition, Kunkel’s title, Herobear and the Kid, has won numerous accolades including the 2002 and 2003 Eisner Award for Best Title For a Younger Audience.

Field Trip, Exclusive Convention Edition will be limited to a print run of 1000 and will feature a blank front cover for original art by creators Courtney Huddleston and Mike Kunkel. Also included in the book are black and white versions of parts 1 and 2 and developmental sketches by both artists. The book will be available at both the Penny-Farthing Press and Astonish Comics booths.

“This book really is a jewel,” Penny-Farthing Press publisher Ken White explained. “We are excited about the collaboration with Astonish Comics and we are excited about the product.”

The final edition of Field Trip will be available later in the year for all fans of Decoy and Herobear and the Kid and will showcase the spot-color presentation of Part 1.

Penny-Farthing Press publishes The Victorian, Decoy, Captain Gravity, PARA, Zendra, and The Loch, the first hardcover book in its Mythics children’s imprint. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Herobear and the Kid is © of Mike Kunkel and Astonish Comics.

Derek McCaw

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