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Hulk: Nightmerica

Man, I hate this sort of thing. You can't make it out to Philadelphia for a convention, and the punishment is you don't get your hands on a really cool comic book a month ahead of everybody else. So much for having lives...

At any rate, as part of the Summer of Hulk, Marvel has this nifty looking painted book ready for release. Take a look and let us know what you think. (Other than "it's no 1602...")

From Marvel Comics:

This past weekend, fans who bought advanced tickets to WIZARDWORLD EAST got a full, preview copy of HULK: NIGHTMERICA #1, the first issue of a new
6-issue limited series premiering June 25th.

Written by Robin Laws (IRON MAN) and fully-painted by artist Brian Ashmore, this beautifully-illustrated mini-series tells the haunting tale of fugitive Doctor Bruce Banner, who discovers that being on the run is a little bit easier when you have a charming young woman to run with.

But his new friend - the beautiful and mysterious Chrissie Cutler - has her own secrets, and her own demons to run from! And their adventure takes them to a secret and sinister place called Nightmerica!

HULK: NIGHTMERICA #1, with a cover price of $2.99, goes on-sale 6/25.

And yes, it looks like Marvel just can't stop sending us artwork on this one. You know the drill by now. Take a gander at these thumbs, and then click on them for a larger version if you like what you see.

Derek McCaw

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