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When Universes Collide...

Negation War #1
writer: Tony Bedard
artists: Paul Pelletier and Dave Meikis

For the CrossGen Universe as some know it, the end has come. No whimpering here, because Negation War already has plenty of bang. The creative team delivers high action, a little intrigue, and some solutions to longstanding mysteries for CrossGen fans, all in a package that still easily invites the strangers to CrossGen to sit down and stay a while.

In essence, as promised, this is a big event that sums up what the Tampa company has been trying to accomplish for the last four years: good comics.

So maybe CrossGen's claim not to have superheroes was a bit disingenuous. Certainly those blessed with the mark of the sigil were superheroes in all but name. And Negation War opens by finally introducing an official costumed hero, Mighty-Man. It might be a flip move, because despite his strength and tie to the overall sigil issue, you can tell by the cover that he won't fare too well.

The strongest of the company's original books, however, revolved around characters that did not possess any special powers anyway, such as Cassie Starkweather in Route 666 and Simon Archard in Ruse. (The former title will survive this onslaught.) Leading the battle against the corrupted Negation servants of Charon, CrossGen's strongest "normal guy" hero, military man Obregon Kaine, will obviously prove his worth in this mini-series.

Caught in a struggle between a god, Charon, and a devil, Apollyon, in the Negation Universe, Kaine has already become legend to the resistance of that alternate plane. As he fights to make it back to the "real" universe, Charon has already crossed the veil and plans to take reality down one planet at a time.

It sounds plenty cosmic, only appropriate for a book tying together a universe. Bedard, however, draws us in on a very human level. We know Mighty-Man, but not just because he follows the Superman archetype. Instead, with subtle clues drawn by Pelletier and Meikis, we see the man. He won't be fighting just to save his world; it's more intimate than that. He has a wife and child (or children), and there must be a specific reason that his orange-eyed companion, too, is a child.

Such reasons do not become clear yet, but more and more pieces to the CrossGen puzzle fall into place. In the battles involving Charon, his consort Evinlea, and Mighty-Man, there is just enough of the big picture to satisfy. My only qualm with the issue is that Po-Po the talking monkey from Way of the Rat seems strangely subdued. Under the circumstances, I guess, it's understandable.


Derek McCaw

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