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A New Look For Namor #1

There's been some unexpected controversy in recent weeks over the release of Namor. And no, it's not because Bill Jemas is co-writing it with Andi Watson.

Instead, this flagship from the new "Tsunami" books from Marvel suffered a flap over its artist. Originally scheduled to be drawn by a hot manga artist, it turned out that the woman in question wasn't quite able to deliver what Marvel wanted. And suddenly the un-manga-like Salvador Larroca found himself penciling a high-profile book, in hopes that this talented draftsman would become a fan favorite.

Due to an awkward translation of a Spanish message board, however, rumor got out that Larroca was very unhappy about the assignment. It turns out to be a tempest in a teapot. Forget I said anything. I only explain it because Marvel refers to the problems in their press release. And now...how about some pretty good art?

Heard any good NAMOR news stories lately?? Marvel's new April-debuting ongoing series may have gotten off to an eventful and notorious start in its publishing life, but with superstar artist Salvador Larroca now firmly installed as penciler, and guided by co-writer's Bill Jemas and Andi Watson,
NAMOR is poised to be one of 2003's most unexpected, and surprising new titles. And with a cover price of just 25-cents for NAMOR #1, every comic fan can be in on the surprise.

"Namor #1 has surpassed everyone's expectations on every level," said editor C.B. Cebulski. "Salva has crafted an undersea world that is mesmerizing to look at. Mixed with Danny Miki's fine inks and J.D. Smith's amazing color palette, Prince Namor's Atlantis kingdom truly comes alive. The characters and action flow off the pages into the hands of the reader.

"Bill and Andi have also granted us a wonderful peak into the life of young Namor. Readers see him start as a mischievous young boy and follow him into manhood, giving us a candid look into Namor's youth that rings true with the Sub-Mariner of today that fans know and love. We're drawn into his life in Atlantis and the personal relationships that shaped him into the fiery hero
he is today."

Namor #1 is scheduled to hit the stands on April 23rd, for the low low price of just a quarter.

Derek McCaw

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