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Marvel News: Stronger, Thicker...

You knew it had to happen. As cool as those shiny new covers for Marvel's Ultimate line have been, they're history. Yep. Gone into the bin of such innovations as the Edsel, Disney America, and the New Universe (oh, Nightmask, my Nightmask...)

This morning Marvel announced that they will be upgrading the card stock on those covers. We will first notice the change on Ultimate Spider-Man #36. And why not? That issue continues the confrontation between Peter Parker and the thing known as Venom. They need the stiff covers just to hold in all the action. (I can't believe I just typed that.)

"Thanks to our retail partners we learned of, and then confirmed that we had a problem and found a way to resolve it," explained Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Although the new cover stock on the Ultimate titles was actually the same stock used on the entire Marvel Universe line, the high-gloss film laminate gave the illusion of it being thinner, because the added weight of the laminate forced the corners to flop. We're confident that the upgrade in paper stock will be the perfect solution."

What anyone fails to mention is whether or not this will cost us, the consumers. At $2.25, Ultimate Spider-Man is currently one of the best buys on the stands. It would be nice if Marvel can hold the cost down. So buy two.

Also from Marvel today come two more sneak peak images. Anyone care to speculate?


Derek McCaw

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