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Help Kickstart A Legend...

A few years ago we met Alexis Fajardo at the convention now known as Big Wow Comics Fest in San Jose. Aside from being an extremely friendly and accomplished comics creator, Fajardo had a great project -- Kid Beowulf.

Until we read it, of course, we didn't know how great it really was. The first volume, Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath, took the legendary hero of old and gave him a childhood. It also gave him a destiny: to kill his half-brother Grendel, who in the meantime could very well be on the path to being his friend.

Yes, a certain darkness lurks under the edges of Fajardo's narrative, but only because we know how the epic poem ends. In the meantime, the series travels around the world, exposing readers to cultures and legends that may have faded from American knowledge.

In each volume, the young Beowulf encounters a different epic hero, delaying him in his ultimate fate. It's done in a cartoony, consistent style, with its main result being solid storytelling.

After getting out the second volume and showing us art from the third a couple of conventions ago, it turns out that Alexis Fajardo has lost his publisher. And so, in order to continue his saga, he turns to Kickstarter. Because we believe in the project, we'd like to take this opportunity to forward you to it.

It's a fun and well-written way to turn children toward the classics, but maybe it's better to let Alexis Fajardo explain it himself:

Derek McCaw

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