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First Look At Iron Man #58

One of the most surreal moments of Comic-Con came on Friday night when Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy) whipped out his guitar and performed an acoustic version of the Iron Man theme song. Not that it really has anything to do with Bill Rosemann's announcement below, but it makes a nice segue, and it's amazing that somebody took the time to figure out the chords.

But it's interesting that Bendis gets a lot of attention and hoopla for outing Daredevil, whereas Tony Stark's revelation happened with nary a whimper from fans. Maybe we should change that, and start paying attention to this book -- starting tomorrow.

From Bill Rosemann:

Hey, True Believer!

Much has been said about Mike Grell's plots on IRON MAN, which have taken Tony Stark down some dark streets -- and even into the bright spotlight of the media when he recently revealed his secret identity -- but let's talk about the art, shall we? After admiring the work he puts into detailing Stark's tech-heavy world, there are plenty in the Bullpen who think that penciler Michael Ryan was born to draw the Armored Avenger. In fact, why not judge for yourself? Here's the cover and three interior pages from IRON MAN #58, rocketing into your local comics shop on August 14th!


Your Man @ Marvel,
Bill Rosemann
Marketing Communications Manager
Marvel Comics

Derek McCaw

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