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Legendary Comics Launches With
Frank Miller's Holy Terror

This project has been in gestation since... well, it seems like a decade. Originally announced as a Batman project in the wake of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Frank Miller realized that it might just be veering too far from Batman's wheelhouse. And when the guy who wrote All-Star Batman & Robin says that, you know it must be pretty wild.

Rumored to be a response to 911 using all of Miller's artistic arsenal, there had been speculation a few weeks back that the death of Osama bin Laden would have put the damper on its impact. Take a look at that image. I'd say it still makes a heck of an impact.

It's also interesting that this comes from the new imprint for Legendary Entertainment -- which you may know a little better as Legendary Pictures, the production house that has backed several high-profile genre film projects in the last decade or so -- including Christopher Nolan's take on Batman.

If you needed proof that everyone is looking for transmedia projects, well, look, people, you don't need proof. But this one's got to have Miller's fans drooling -- especially the tag line, which Legendary did not put on the art they provided to us: "Empire City is in peril. A whole lotta folks need killing."

From Legendary Entertainment:

Legendary Comics has partnered with Frank Miller, the iconic writer and artist of SIN CITY, 300 and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, to publish HOLY TERROR, a dark, uncompromising superhero tale for the modern era.

The announcement was made today by Bob Schreck, Editor-in-Chief of Legendary Comics. In HOLY TERROR, join The Fixer, a brand new, hard-edged hero as he battles terror. The graphic novel is a no-holds-barred action thriller told in Miller's trademark high-contrast, black-and-white visual style, which seizes the political zeitgeist by the throat and doesn't let go until the last page.

"It has been my extreme pleasure and honor to have worked so closely with Frank for over 20 years now," says Schreck. "Holy Terror finds Frank at the top of his game. A fast paced, biting commentary on our uncertain and volatile times, told with some of the most gut-wrenching, iconic images he's ever produced."

HOLY TERROR is a 120 page hardcover graphic novel with spot-color interiors presented in a 10 x 13 landscape format. Distributed by Diamond Books, HOLY TERROR retails for $29.99 and will be in stores on September 14.

Derek McCaw


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