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The Fanboy Planet Variations

HeroClix and The Atkins Diet --
Two Great Things That Go Great Together
Certainly we're not the first to open up our HeroClix maps and say, "we play until everybody dies."

No, we're not claiming any innovation in giving in to utter carnage. In fact, we even lifted the idea of leaving dead (3 KO'd) characters on the board right from the HeroClix message boards. There they serve as hindering terrain and the occasional heavy object. (At least, we'd assume that getting beaten with a dead Hulk would count as a heavy object.)

But the big question when approaching the table has to be, "how do you set the point total?"

That's where we come in with this modest proposal. Read on and learn to settle this primary argument the Fanboy Planet way.

Like so much of life, it all comes down to a roll of the dice. Two, to be specific.

When Wusses Collide...
Point Totals The Fanboy Planet Way

If you roll:

  • 1:You're using the incorrect number of dice.
  • 2: The oldest player at the table gets to set the point total. Age before kicking booty.
  • 3 - 8: 300 - 800 point game. Kind of self evident.
  • 10 - 11: Congratulations! You're playing a Money Match! (see below)
  • 12: Host's Choice, any of the above, and no, there's no nudity option.

    The Michael Goodson Money Match

    …because in a post-apocalyptic world, we'll be using these suckers as currency.

    Either we're using Captain America
    as a heavy object or it's HeroClix porn...
    If you've ended up rolling a money match, it's either worth ten or eleven dollars. Rather than adding up the numbers on your combat dial, you treat each character being worth as follows:

  • Rookie (yellow band) = 1 dollar
  • Expert (blue band) = 2 dollars
  • Veteran (red band) = 3 dollars
  • Unique (silver or gold band) = 4 dollars

    All you've got to do is create a team that costs either ten or eleven dollars. We've also arbitrarily decided that each turn consists of five moves. It may not be that wild a system, but it's a good way to sneak in that veteran Superman without burning up all your points.

    Let it also be noted that the Fanboy Planet method has neither been endorsed nor acknowledged by WizKids Games. Nor should you be playing for actual money.

    Derek McCaw

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