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The Escapist 2966
and other tales of Stuart Moore...

Fanboy Planet just got this artwork from Stuart Moore, the former Marvel MAX editor who left it all behind to get back to his first love of actually writing comics. Since then, he's given us Zendra 2.0 for Penny-Farthing Press, Lone from Dark Horse Comics' Rocket imprint, and is currently in the midst of the creepy cool PARA from Penny-Farthing.

This summer, Dark Horse will collect Lone into its first trade paperback, which Stuart wanted us to know about. But instead, two other projects in his near future caught our eye...

I'm still not ecstatic about the price, but with stories like this (art by Steve Conley)
in issue #4 and issue #2's
tale from Glen David Gold, they keep bringing me back...

The cover to Justice League Adventures #34, written by Stuart Moore with art by Tim Levins and Mick Gray. This is one of the last issues before
Justice League Unlimited

Moore also wants to let everyone know he will be at San Diego signing at the booths for Penny-Farthing Press, AiT Press, and "We Want Your Autograph," a booth for voter registration.

Derek McCaw

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