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Snake Never Plays By The Rules...

When was the last time this happened?

A highly anticipated comic book gets announced for a late June 2003 release. The production team works hard on the thing, and actually gets it done a month early. So...why not release it a month early?

The crew at Hurricane Entertainment asked and answered the same question. Though John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles had been solicited for June 25th, Hurricane, through Crossgen publishing, has decided to release the book next week.

Yep. Next week. May 29th. May Kevin Smith learn a little something from this: oh, we'll wait for a book, but every now and then it's nice to surprise us with something early.

And it's still written by William O'Neill and illustrated by Tone Rodriguez. They didn't have to bring in somebody else to pinch-hit.

The first issue will also contain extras, such as a bonus sketchbook that includes the first artwork Rodriguez drew of Snake Plissken that landed the partnership with John Carpenter, Debra Hill and Kurt Russell (...in all its napkin glory?)

As another added bonus, issue #1 also includes a four-page sneak preview of Hurricane's newest project The Diplomats, written and drawn by William O'Neill.

"Once again, Snake is surprising everyone," said Hurricane CEO Jan Utstein-O'Neill. "Striking suddenly, the anti-hero is now making his debut nearly a full month early. And that means that we'll be able to sign copies at the WizardWorld: East comic convention in Philadelphia on May 30th. We will also be premiering a special Convention Exclusive cover that will only
be available during the 2003 con season."

"In the new series, Snake will tear his way through New York, Atlantic City and Philadelphia," added writer O'Neill. "Now, we'll do the same!" (Though Snake has no plans for San Diego, it's a safe bet Hurricane does. But that's not until July.)

While on the East Coast, writer O'Neill, artist Rodriguez and Utstein-O'Neill will participate in a tour of local comics shops.

Appearances to date include Zap Comics in Freehold, NJ on May 29th; WizardWorld: East at the Philadelphia Convention Center from May 30th - June 1st; and Jester's Playhouse in Northfield, NJ, on June 4th. Jester's is located just outside Atlantic City, where the first Snake story begins.

Finally, on June 5th, the Hurricane crew will be at Midtown Comics right in the heart of New York City. Copies of the new book and, of course the one that made them famous, Violent Messiahs, will be available, as well as plenty of fun giveaways. Readers are advised to contact the comics shops for exact location and times.

For more information on the book, check out our interview with the gang at Hurricane.

Derek McCaw

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